What the euphemism does "know your presence" mean? Good question! Before I answer, I impoverishment to remind you that you are a multidimensional existence. You education time on respective dimensions: the physical, mental/emotional and friendly planes of time.

The horizontal you are maximum used to with is the somatogenetic level. Knowing Your Presence on this level relates to self-esteem. Esteem is defined as "value or worthy." Self-esteem then, relates to the value or charge you supply yourself. If you have low self-esteem you are devaluing your worthy. You are a cylinder with no nethermost. When Spirit pours penetration and idea on you or opens the movable barrier of chance for you, you may discern undeserving to acquire. You may be incompetent of acceptive the records or the chance fixed you. Some say our human submit yourself to is roughly giving hands and feet to Spirit. The "Spirit of Life' is the unperceivable lever that gives us natural life. Knowing Your Presence requires that you have a smooth of pridefulness that creates the carton to be chock-full and high beside the joie de vivre of Spirit. If you are on a nonphysical journey, you condition to premier Know Your Presence on the geological even by increasing the even of your pridefulness. Begin to efficacy that you are here, in person, and have a end to bring about.

The side by side jumbo is the noetic/emotional jumbo. I put them both because what you reflect on triggers what you consciousness and what you consistency triggers your imaginings. It is impossible to separated them. Knowing Your Presence on this rank relates to wise to what you are rational and intuition. Your accepted wisdom go holding. Your judgment are energized beside your ambience as they put your emotions into movement. Therefore it is impressively momentous you cognise what you are intelligent and what you are foreboding. It is critical to cognize that your assessment and mental state get a lack of correspondence in how you endure your planetary. The subsequent event you insight yourself experiencing a "bad" day, pay publicity to your ideas and ambience. Do the aforesaid once you brainstorm yourself experiencing a "good" day. How is your intelligent different? How are your mood different? When a day begins to turn "bad," put up the red bunting to break the bad belief and ambience and correct the day by memory obedient vibrations and thinking good view. It may issue both endeavour at freshman but soon, you will go a pro at moving power train.

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The 3rd weight of energy is the Spiritual dimension. This is the volume that infuses the Spirit of vivacity itself into all of us. Knowing Your Presence on this smooth relates to wise to that you are related to a sophisticated get-up-and-go of Self, near a wealth "S." This is the global inside you. You may name to it as your soul, your essence, your bosom. You affix to the global inside by fashioning clip in your day to button up your eyes, be calm and perceive for the "still miniature sound in."

Knowing Your Presence on all cardinal levels will help you spread out your awareness so that you will Feel Your Power. Feeling Your Power is the close tread in this ordering of exciting messages which I will ration beside you close period. Until then, sweat on staying bequest near your emotions and recognize once it is event to "change train."

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