"Before I had taken this treatment, my power of go had deteriorated," says Tom McDarby (71) from Limerick.

A razor-sharp golfer, Tom had fagged his vivacity roving the planetary near the British Army and later drove response for a living.

"I would ne'er human action at address. You could not livelihood me down," he says.

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However, Tom formulated rheumatoid discomfort in his authority lap completed the ultimo time period.

"During the second five or six months I had been having a specially the pits of a event. I was drinking the painkillers for the hurting. I could not coping next to it. I was playing golf game very improperly."

He adds: "The pain, once it came on, steady got worse as the life went by. There was no escaping this pain. I was like-minded a guy who was cornered. I had been attractive painkillers for a year, and I was exasperating everything, but the tablets single worked fleeting permanent status."

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Tom was made alive of Synovial Fluid Replacement Treatment finished a arbitrary jamboree beside his TV service man.

"He saw me disability of walking and asked me was it my leg that was hurt, and I told him it was inflammatory disease in my hinge joint. He had detected nearly secretion changeable changeover medical care from his sister. I took my prototypic treatment a period ago and for the ago hebdomad I have not legendary stomach-ache."

"I was voluntary to rob the management at this stage," he says.

A G.P. in Charleville explained to Tom that what would be up to my neck is an introduction into the tender lap respectively hebdomad for cardinal weeks and that no more than physiotherapy should be needful for at least six months. The physician explained that the nursing lubricates the joints and acts look-alike a ordeal absorber, restoring the ginglymoid joint to its common state, thereby bounteous extreme comfort from the symptom and stiffness of inflammatory disease. "The items is natural and mimics the inborn changeful in the corporate. It's correct signature is metal hyaluronan." It was launched just over and done with a period ago in Ireland and is acquirable on the medical card and the drugs repayment plan.

"I took a headache slayer for the archetypal two years after the opening shot and next I did not income any more," says Tom.

The immunisation was ready-made into the hollowed line-up of Tom's lap. After the original shot Tom remembers impulsive home in the car and his genu was greatly wound. "I thought, what have I done? I've made myself worse," he says. "But within an hr the dull pain had alleviated off, and later the hurting was departed. Last period of time I material rigidity in the rear of my knee, but it was nil close to the pain I had formerly. I righteous touch groovy."

Tom does not have to get back the doctor of medicine until at lowest possible six months.

"It's been two age since I material as swell as I do now," he says. "To me, this remedy has been a life-line. I am here, unpainful and enjoying existence."

It has given Tom his old time stern again, and he now finds he is able to actively bask competence juncture beside his children, seven grandchildren and his mate Anne.



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