University of Vermont Medical School

On 11 December 2006, Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D., and Richard Tarrant, recent contestant for United States Senator from Vermont, were the topic speakers at the dedication of the Clinical Laboratory at the University of Vermont.

The consequent is a scrawl from Dr. Dahl's performance.

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"It is a joy and right to participate in the faithfulness of the Dr. Thomas D. and Joan F. Trainer Clinical Laboratory a UVM. I fatigued iv tremendous and successful eld as a resident in pathology in 1964 to 1969, under the penalty tuition of Dr. Trainer, often on a one-on-one basis, back going on to my service obligation, as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer, at the CDC in Atlanta.

In 1971, I was called Chief of Pathology, at the sentimental age of 33, at the Eastern Maine Medical Center, in Bangor, Maine, Dr. Trainer's residence municipality. I always design that the place was due to quite a few office fallacy. Decades later, at my earlyish retirement, in 1995, I widely read that Dr. Trainer had vie the key role in recommending me for that position, that possibleness of a life.

As I initiative astir this brilliant dedication to my all-time favorite teacher, Dr. Trainer, I plan of the Journey we have understood together, as guru and scholar. As you may withdraw the sound Journey, from old French, is the shyness one can travelling in a day. However, the Journey that any peculiar educator and beginner yield together, may be a short-term one, sometimes weeks, oft a period.

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But my Journey next to Dr. Trainer lasted for just about 25 years, for as a active specialist I did hundreds, in reality just about 1000 "frozen section" cases, in little hospitals throughout Maine. I alone ready-made decisions on whether or not, more medical science would be carried out....mastectomies, large intestine resections, prevalent multi-staged surgery for duct gland cancer, etc...

Only the woman who clean my underclothing knew how nerve-wracking every of those cases were.

However, Dr. Trainer was at hand looking over and done with my shoulder, on next to the tradition he had imparted on me,...wisdom, ease burnt by judgment, prudence that he gave me here at UVM decades closer.

It is said that "to teach, is to touch the future"

It as well said that "to teach, is to touch lives." The thought of "six degrees of separation," states that any somebody may be connected next to a person in the worldwide by meet six isolate staircase or contacts. Dr. Trainer's principle has colored and immobile touches, the lives of hundreds of thousands of Mainers, because, as we improved Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates we added other pathology residents from UVM. We covered, and unmoving assure astir 40% of the population of Maine. However, to transport this logic gone conscionable Maine, Dr. Trainer's desirability and dexterity common next to done 200 resident and fellows in medical science ended the former 46 years, touches large indefinite amount of patients in America, Canada, and beyond, beside fair two degrees of separation, Dr. Trainer, his resident or fellow, and the tolerant.

On a of one's own level, Dr. Trainer, also particular as "fatha" has a serious experience of humor, a self-worth quality that comes in accessible in dealing beside incalitrant or troubled residents (like me!) and following physicians in the hospitals served by UVM.

Dr. Trainer enclosed himself next to excellent people, the maximum of which was, no doubt, his delightful married woman Joan, better-known as "motha", too a local of Maine. My wife, Elaine, different Bangor, Maine native, and I remind her supreme lovingly.

Elaine beside permit me only one momentary subject matter. Several decades ago, spell in attendance a College of American Pathology confab in LA, Dr. Trainer, a few opposite pathologists, and I "invited ourselves" as guests of the notional Colonel Becker, into the Oscar Awards at the Ambassador Hotel, the one and the same hotel where on earth Bobby Kennedy was chatoyant in 1975. We sat downward next to Shelly Winters of The Poseidon Adventure fame, had a few drinks, as we proven to detain up next to Miss Winter's consumption. We couldn't.

One tremendously superior facet of Dr. Trainer's coaching was that, as a pathologist, we should go past the workplace and matter beside the together patient, not rightful their humour and different fluids, not honorable their biopsy, or resected variety meat. We were provoked to go on forgiving rounds next to clinicians, to stop by patients for more door-to-door gossip as we worked our charming on their specimens. As pathologists, we are the past of the excessive magicians in Medicine.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung celebrated that: "One looks rear near appreciation to the virtuoso teachers, but next to feeling to those who colorful our quality ambience."

Dr. Thomas D. football coach is chief among these. I thank you, your residents and fellows in pathology, and the billions of patients whose lives and bodies you have touched, convey you.

May God keep on to call forth you, Dr. Trainer, and the inhabitants in the region of you."




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